RCAP is a not-for-profit organization designed to provide civic and political engagement, educate and promote the citizenry about policies and leaders who are committed to servant leadership and embrace the concept of growing a more diverse Republican Party by following by five strategic objectives to grow the GOP:

  1. RCAP will communicate the message which supports authentic values and beliefs through which demonstrate how Republican principles and ideals promote equality and upward mobility.
  2. RCAP will re-establish the bond that once existed between the “Party of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas” by implementing a structure that facilitates dialogue between local, state and national GOP leaders with various representatives within the minority community.
  3. RCAP will implement efforts that support Republicans who have demonstrated a commitment to growing the Republican Party and who support public policy initiatives that improve conditions for its citizenry by providing the appropriate resources to achieve campaign victory of those who share in our mission.
  4. RCAP will provide educational forums on public policy topics to improve voter literacy, voter education, and briefings to elected officials  on  issues affecting the middle class and the neediest families.
  5. RCAP will promote civic responsibility and provide training in community organizing, campaign management to include GOTV strategies to increase Republican victories.