Republicans Care About People founder, Ray A. Jones, announced in the Battleground State of Ohio on October 18th, 2016 to a gathering of community, business and political leaders the start of RCAP. Jones stated there is know organization in the country like RCAP an organization dedicated to educating the Americas electorate with facts about Republicans who demonstrating through their actions and stances on public policies they care about the neediest of America’s citizenry. Mr. Jones, said, “I am sick and tired of seeing many Republicans being falsely portrayed as individuals who do not care about the poor, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, the elderly and other minorities groups, especially when I, myself am in that category and know Republicans who cares and have dedicated their lives to improving the quality of life for the neediest of America’s citizenry in meaningful ways.” Jones saide, RCAP will provide voter education and registration, host educational forums on issues that impact communities and the nation. RCAP will provide briefings to Republican elected official and candidates to provide greater insight on issues affecting various minority groups. RCAP will educate the citizenry about policy makers who are committed to RCAP’s mission. RCAP’s overall goal will be to develop more knowledgeable voters within the minority communities and ignite the interest of African, Hispanic and other minorities to vote more strategically. Speaking in a crowed room to attendees former White House Presidential Advisor & current news contributor to MSNBC, CNBC, & Al Jazeera, Joseph P. Watkins (http://www.everipedia.com/Joseph_Watkins/), of Philadelphia served as keynote speaker for the evenings event spoke of service. In a powerful and inspiring message to republicans, democrats and independents who attended, Watkins said, “at the end of the day, people don’t care what your political affiliation is, they just want to know are you solving problems and making life a place where I can use my God given talents to provide good quality of life for myself and my family.”  Jones said, the late congressman and former U.S. Secretary of Housing Urban and Development Jack Kemp had it right as he espoused conservative public policies that were both fiscally responsible and structurally improved the quality of life for ALL people. Jones said, “RCAP will work to transform the GOP into a political party that seeks to promote the best of human character.” Although, not exclusive, RCAP is an organization that will speak directly to the African and Hispanic American community about things that unite and to republican leaders about ways of eliminate the influence that was brought into the GOP by what he calls the modern day dixiecrats to restore the GOP to the party envisioned by President Abraham Lincoln to be of the people.   

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