Strengthening The Republican Party

The goal of RCAP is to work with the citizenry to save the Republican Party from disintegration. If the GOP is to survive as a political party, we must protect our Republican leaders who demonstrate through actions that they care about people from being demonized by false and misleading attacks.

We believe that the Republican Party is the best vehicle to translate core beliefs into positive and successful principles of government. For this reason, RCAP needs your financial support to promote and continuously communicate to the citizenry through targeted actions to protect and sustain a strong America.

RCAP is one of the country’s few political action committees dedicated to promoting and educating the minority community on the values of authentic conservative principles and advocating active involvement with the GOP. Focus will be aimed at the Battleground States with emphasis in Ohio. RCAP will focus on overcoming the negative stereotypes and misconceptions about Republicans that exist among the majority of African and Hispanic Americans and other minority groups by promoting the core principles that drives its political philosophy and explaining how the application of these principals will build strong families and communities through responsible public policies.