Ray A. Jones
I.   The Character of a Republican Who Cares About People
II. What We Must Do To Grow The GOP

Ray Ayton Jones is a native of Columbus, Ohio and the son of an American born father and an immigrant mother from Jamaica West Indies. He was raised in a culturally diverse entrepreneurial and politically active family environment where the emphasis was placed on faith and community service. His heritage in the GOP dates back to the early 1950’s, where his father, grandmother and aunt were actively involved in helping the GOP to elect Republicans and his uncle served in President Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.

He is the founder of Republican Care About People (RPAC) – Political Action PAC and he has served on over fifty campaigns in the capacity as a campaign chairman, political adviser, campaign manager. In addition, he provides ongoing grass root level services for numerous successful political & public policy issue campaigns at the national, state, local and international levels.

Mr. Jones is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Jones Company of America (JCA) which is a strategic management firm based in the U.S that owns and operates a property management company and real estate investment portfolio. As the CEO of JCA, Mr. Jones provides executive leadership for the various strategic initiatives that support the mission of JCA and helps people and organizations to move beyond their expectations through business development, brokering public/private partnerships, project management, marketing, public relations and serving as an intermediary for nation states internationally.

Community service has been a hallmark of Mr. Jones’s life, starting at the grass roots level as a community. His opinions are sought on numerous community related issues by business and political leaders. He was voted in as a member of the Near East Area Commission, of which he later served as Chairman. Working successfully with all community stakeholders, he represented Columbus’s near east side, which began to experience tremendous growth.

 It is little known that when Columbus City Council was seeking ways to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the popular position by council members, prominent African American clergy and community activist was to rename East Long Street to Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. With signage manufactured and ready to be installed, Mr. Jones demonstrated significant courage when he opposed the popular view of influential adversaries, including friends, in his quest to seek a more meaningful tribute to the late Dr. King. Through his leadership, he garnered tremendous grass roots support in opposition to the popular position by convincing many within the community that it could do better. In what became one of the cities most emotionally charged and contentious citywide debates, Mr. Jones urged for the creation of a committee which would include leaders from the business sector, faith based organizations, education, artist community and other neighborhood leaders to explore and develop something that would contribute to society in honor of the late Dr. King. As a result, the ideal of the street name change was defeated; later, a committee was established and the King Arts Complex was conceived and developed now serving as a great tribute in honor of Dr. King.

Also, as one of the original founders and president of the board of “Art For A Child’s Safe America Foundation.” Mr. Jones demonstrated his concern about the problem of violence in America taking the lives of more than 25,000 youth a year. Along with internationally renowned public artist Stephen Canneto, together they spearheaded the “Memorial to Our Lost Children,” a touring exhibit that combined art and education to create a unique strength based approach to mobilizing communities, families and individuals around the issue of violence prevention. This exhibit became recognized nationally as the most powerful educational tool through art to transform lives and reduce violence.

Mr. Jones currently serves on the Board of Director of Beacon 360³ Management, Inc. a leader in the development and management of affordable housing based in Ohio. Concerned about the 20 million + people in our society who live in poverty, he began serving as Chairman of the Board of Columbus Metropolitan Area Community Action Organization whose mission was to fight the war against poverty. Strongly believing it is necessary to engage younger generations in the cause for transformational leadership, Mr. Jones was chosen by Rela NxGen to serve as a Mentor to young professional in a unique leadership training program which seeks to facilitate inter-generational sharing and learning; promoting appreciation of the strengths all generations bring to the workplace and openly addressing the challenges of working together; and supporting the personal and professional development of millennials who are beginning to assume key leadership roles in the market and community to promote servant leadership.

After meeting with South African Ambassador Franklin Sonn, Mr. Jones became the first business leader in the country chosen by the Center for Health Education and Economic Research (C.H.E.E.R., Inc.) to assist in a U.S. initiative inspired by South African President Nelson Mandela to send $30 million dollars worth of books to South Africa. He has served as the adviser to the Somalia Community Association, which represents approximately 21,000 Somalian refugees. Mr. Jones founded and served as the senior adviser to the United African Women and Children’s Organization of Ohio, consisting of women representing various countries throughout the African continent. Mr. Jones served as a founder and Chairman of Nation Builder’s International Institute an organization that provided training in citizenship and civic engagement for newly arrived female refugees and immigrants living in the United States.

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